Hot August Nights Recap

Hot August nights at the ASDC was a great success! Seventeen squares on the floor Saturday night, as Mike Seastrom led us with great vocals that included a Sinatra standard (“I’ve Got You Under My Skin”), and “I Won’t Grow Up” from Peter Pan with his grand kids on the recording as back-up vocals (and they were good!). Mike threw in some plus calls from his bag of tricks that kept us paying attention, and a six couple square tip.

Friday night’s beach party also had about sixteen squares, some funny outfits (appropriate for a hot August night), and beach balls bouncing around the dance floor.

Plus workshop Saturday afternoon was also a lot of fun, where Mike covered Cross Fire, Acey Ducey from a diamond formation, as well as others. What better way could you spend a hot August afternoon?

A large contingent of Dancers from Arizona joined us for the weekend.

Hats off to Lin and Lareda for organizing a great weekend!


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